Charity (cherry916) wrote in hurt_sam,

Fic: Tug and Pull

Title: Tug and Pull
Author: cherry916
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2,000+/-
Warnings: S9 spoilers
Author’s Note: I really enjoyed writing this fic because it gave me the chance to write S9, and also explore the speech Sam gave Dean at the end of The Purge (which is when this fic is set). So I hope my recipient likes it, I had a lot of fun! I would like to also thank my beta, she is a life saver. This is my present for winchesterpooja for spn_summergen

Summary: After The Purge, Sam is feeling less than stellar with himself and with how his and Dean’s relationship is at the moment, so when Sam develops a severe migraine, he doesn’t bother letting Dean know. He doesn’t want his brother even more upset with him, and with Dean hanging out with Crowley nowadays; Sam can handle it on his own, right?
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