wanderer of the wild forest (maaldas) wrote in hurt_sam,
wanderer of the wild forest

Half My Breath Is Yours, Gen (with Wincest Mindset)

Title: Half My Breath Is Yours, Part 1
Author: maaldas,
Artist : stargazingchola
Beta : jonjokeat
Characters: Sam, Dean, John, Castiel, Michael, Zachariah, Uriel Oc.
Genre/Pairing: Supernatural / Sam/Dean (Pre-winchest)
Warning/Kink: No warning this time. 
“If I could, I’d chain myself around you, Sammy.” That was what Dean said and it scared Sam.
The Winchester brothers had died many times and many times also they were brought back to life with no memory of it. Apparently, it had been happening long before Sam got the first vision. Things got complicated when he started remembering.
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