For those who like abusing Sam

Which makes all of us and the show's creators, really

The place to find all your hurt!Sam needs
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The counterpart to hurt_dean, hurt_sam is here for all your Sam Winchester-torturing needs. Hopefully.

Anything is welcome here, vids, fic, manips, art, anything - as long as it features Sam in pain, we're okay with it. Physical, mental, emotional, psychic, psychological, 's all the same to me and all good. Any and all pairings are welcome here, as long as they feature hurt!Sam. This includes hurt-comfort fics. Please tag anything posted here with the appropiate warnings, including rating and any additional matters of note (rape, excessive gore, crack, etcetera).

Now go forth and torture the gangly geekboy, for great justice!

The mastermind behind the layout is tears_priestess.


Please notice attention that nymeria has (mostly) stepped down as a maintainer; if there is any problem, please feel free to contact me at evitably [at] gmail [dot] com, or via a personal message on LJ.